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Test how stingy you are!

Whats your name?
You got a savings account? yes
  its not worth
  comming soon
  no, but I save anyhow
For what are your saving? I dont do
  for next shoppingtour
  for a car
  for a house
  or my hobby
  for my pension
  for other things
How much you spend for nonfood? (Without rent, other fixed costs) nothing
  just for absolutely necessary things
  well, not much
  as the case may be
  nearly all
Are you planning your costs for living? yes, every cent
  yes, mostly
  no, what for?
  there is nothing to plan
Are you planning your shopping? yes, everytime with grocery list
  mostly I do
  well, If money runs short
  no, never
Are you comparing prices? every week, with prospectuses
  sometimes, cause boredom
  no, never
  just for bigger acquirements
What would you prefer on a saturday? just looking television
  games or videos with friends
  watching soccer at the stadium
  to party at disco
How many times are you going to party? never
  max. at birthday
  well, sometimes
  once in a month
  min. once a week
How many times do you go shopping? never
  well, sometimes
  I do if I need something
  min. once a week
Where you like to buy things for housekeeping? second hand
  cheap shops
  gas station
  at other shops
Would you borrow your money to others? no
  just to friends and relatives
  friends, if it is necessary
  yes, but unwillingly
  sometimes I do
  of course
Who pays at a party? everbody pays for oneself
  I take, but I dont give
  I give, but I dont take
  everybody pays for a round
You find a cent on the street. you take it
  you think, than you take it
  you think, and walk on
  you are walking on
  you kick it away
You drank a Coke (deposit on cans), what are you doing? you take it with you
  you think, and take it with you
  you think, and throw it away
  you throw it away
You have to pay 9,98 USD for sth. you give 10 USD, its ok
  at 9,99 you would think about
  you want your change
  it depends on my mood
How often you use the same tea bag? more than two times
  two times
Are you cutting a tube of toothpaste? yes
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